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We develop, nurture, and assemble the strongest and broadest array of legal talent and expertise necessary to meet our clients’ needs in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.
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Leveraging technology and the business of law

TRM Legal Counsel was designed from the outset to provide the sort of service we believe clients in the 21st century should receive. We believe the legal profession tends to be shackled by tradition and we set out to break those chains and create something truly new.

We are in an age of online banking and 24 hour shopping and in our view the legal profession should be at the cutting edge in terms of customer service, rather than trailing behind. By the use of an unusual business structure (for lawyers!) and state of the art technology we are able to provide our clients with an unprecedented combination of service and value for money.

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Welcome to the law office of

Tafadzwa Ralph Mugabe.

We provide a range of legal services typical of a law firm but it is the way we deliver those services which sets us apart. Unlike traditional law firms, we do not have offices in premium locations containing numerous support staff. Instead, we have harnessed the unparrarelled power of ICT and Artifical Itelligence to deliver personalised legal services to you, conveniently at a reasonable price. 24/7, everday.

We put collaborative relationships and innovation at the heart of the way we work. Understanding exactly what each of our clients needs and wants lies at the heart of our approach to law


We Listen

The first thing we do is listen. You should call us for an initial consultation. We will listen to your problems and discuss them with you. We may call for additional information, once our team has considered the initial information you provide, because a good understanding of the problems you face (and also the solutions and results you desire) are key first steps to evaluating your potential case and potential solutions.

We Assess

Our team has more than 15 years of attorney and paralegal experience.We use our knowledge and experience to assess the facts you have provided us about your legal situation and to determine how we can best help you. While not every problem has a legal solution, we will consider your problem thoughtfully and let you know quickly whether we can take on your case or not.

We Evaluate

Legal problems can be complicated. You may have several different possible options, when confronted with a legal problem. If you retain our team to help you with your legal problems, we will discuss and evaluate your options with you, so that you will informed and empowered in pursuing your goals and strategy.

We Execute

If you retain our team to help you, we will bring our experience and energy to work for you and do our very best to execute a plan to achieve your goals. We are zealous advocates for our clients. We strive for justice for our clients. We will research and investigate the law and facts that apply, hire experts witnesses to investigate scientific, medical issues, as well as to evaluate your economic damages or vocational losses (as may be needed, depending on the nature of your case).

We have an expert team
to solve any prolem of you


Our business model is heavily supported by technology. To support our offices, our personnel operate via an effective and friendly ‘virtual’ network. We have invested in world class AI systems and cloud solutions to assure the security, confidentiality and retention of documents.

We have many reviews from
our satisfied clients.

Make a consultation with our expert team to solve your problems.

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